I am pleased to recommend the Massage Therapy Services of Anthony Master of Massage as I have attained relief from my symptoms thus being muscular tightness and pain due to suffering with MS.

Anthony deals with you in a professional manner, is compassionate and "listens" to ones description of their symptoms, is attuned to how I am feeling and is focused on seeing me well and healthy again.
I highly recommend Anthony. - Lorraine - Lalor

Steven Nguyen.

I went to see Anthony for the first time a few months ago from the minute you arrive at his home you are warmly welcomed by Nadine, You then fill out a client form and then Anthony comes out to greet you with a handshake and promptly takes you in. He does an assessment on you which takes around 10 minutes which he doesn’t include in your hour massage you actually get around 1 hour 15 minute massage and you are only charged for 1 hour at $75 great service. I have lower back problems and was having trouble just walking that is why I went to Anthony in the first place I had read the testimonials and thought why not give him a try as I have been to those ones at the shopping centers and they made me so much worse and then I found out they are not qualified. Anthony has a Diploma in Remedial Massage which he has displayed and is a member of AAMT so I felt comfortable and in good hands and I wasn’t wrong he told me not to expect too much after the first visit but even as I got off the table I noticed a difference so I made an appointment for the following week and things continued to improve. Now I go and see Anthony once a fortnight not because I have to but because I want to I don’t want to wait until I am in immense pain again I am taking action to look after my body as it does so much work for me. Thank you Anthony. I highly recommend Anthony Master of Massage to anyone. - Steven Nguyen

Elizabeth Ryan.

My name is Elizabeth.
I have been receiving weekly home visits for remedial massage since the 9th of February, 2014.

Anthony is a qualified licensed masseur with experience.
He owns and operates his own business with the loving support of his mother, Nadine.

 I am pleased to recommend Anthony for the following reasons:
Anthony and his mother, Nadine work as a team to deliver you the best service.
They always greet you with a warm smile.
They always arrive at your home, on time for your scheduled appointment.
Working as a team ensures set up & tidy up of equipment, etc. is achieved quickly.
Appointments are made in agreement by both parties.
Flexibility is assured.
Code of conduct is professional & very respectable.
Anthony never fails to ask how your feeling & what your needs are on the day.
You receive for your one hour treatment, a great massage that is both relaxing & therapeutic.
The cost is affordable and inline with current pricing.
My personal testimonial:

The working relationship I have with Anthony is highly beneficial for me. He is so considerate to book & keep my preferred day & time for as long as I want. I like how Anthony asks me questions such as, “Is the pressure ok?” and how he listens well, when I ask him to stop and concentrate on a certain area. He understands the style of massage I prefer, with all the different techniques I so much enjoy, particularly deep tissue/trigger point. He knows exactly how to manipulate the knots till they release and subside. I know, I'm in the hands of a professional when his massage makes me feel lighter & less stiff afterwards. I've always had a really good experience.
 - Elizabeth Ryan




Ben and Kate.

I play Aussie Rules and have been having a lot of trouble lately with niggling problems and it seems to be one thing after another and I was having trouble staying on track so I thought I was going to have to give away my beloved footy but then a mate suggested I give Anthony a try so I thought why not what have I got to lose so I booked in and after my first Sports Massage visit I noticed a change when I went to training and thought this is good but wasn't sure if it was just luck so I went and seen Anthony again and every time I go things just keep getting better so now I have no problems and I don't have to give up my footy thanks to Anthony I'm rapt. My girlfriend was jealous that I was getting such good treatment (She doesn't play footy haha) so she booked in with Anthony for a Relaxation Massage and she was rapt so we are now regular clients and would recommend Anthony to anyone for anything he is great and a nice bloke too. So we both highly recommend Anthony to anyone wanting relief from pain or even just to relax we all deserve it. Thanks Anthony - Ben and Kate

Joanne Schembri.

I went to see Anthony for the first time last week and was really pleased with the treatment I received I was a bit apprehensive at first as it was in his home but I should never have worried I was warmly welcomed at the start and the treatment room was very inviting it have soft music playing and candles lit also soft fluffy towels it was very relaxing.

I went for a 1 hour relaxing massage and I sure was relaxed the pressure was great and he would ask how I was and made sure I was comfortable and relaxed. I am definitely going back and have already made another appointment.

Thanks so much Anthony the massage was wonderful - Joanne Schembri

Susanti Wood.

I had really bad back pain during and after pregnancy. I've been looking for therapist who can ease the pain. I found Anthony through his website and he knows how to fix the problems. My back is improving and the pain was gone. I can sleep without feeling the pain in my back. I have insomnia and after couple of treatment i always fall asleep easily. The home-based clinic is really cosy and makes me feel relaxed. Great hospitality from Anthony and Nadine make me comfortable and I definitely will always come back. - Susanti Wood

Wendy Fowler.

Anthony is a truly skilled individual, who is knowledgeable and well versed in the field of massage. So if you need some relief from your aches, pains or injuries try this therapy, he helped me move freely after only a few visits, I strongly recommend him.

He helped me & he can probably help you! - Wendy Fowler

James McDonald.

I remember reading about this young fella in the local paper and I was a bit unsure at first due to his age but I thought I'd give him a go as everyone has to start somewhere and boy am I glad I did. I felt at ease as soon as he sat down and started talking to me I have had massages before but haven't been 100% happy but with Anthony I did he knew what he was talking about he asked me questions and explained what he was doing and why. It has been three days since my massage and I feel great no discomfort like I normally do. So that is why I decided to write a review on him so other people give him a go I am sure you wont be disappointed I am going back to him as a regular client. Thanks for your help Anthony. - James McDonald

Maddie Gauchi.

Anthony is very knowledgeable and mature for his age. From the moment he started I felt comfortable and I knew then that I was in good hands. He kept checking to make sure I was ok and to let him know if anything hurt, Draping is done professionally and the only part that is exposed is the part he is working on. I enjoyed it so much I rebooked on the spot. My worries melted away i was in relaxation heaven. - Maddie Gauchi

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